After spending the last 10 years learning new skills, well, basically how to writing short stories, I now feel I’m ready to start branching out into novel writing. This isn’t to say I haven’t had a go, in fact, I’ve completed two.

My two novel have been out and about, but something wasn’t right with them. Truthfully, I’m fully aware why they weren’t taken on by agents or publishers. I think it’s to easy to dismiss what others may tell you and head straight to self-publishing to prove them wrong, but I knew in my heart I too would not be happy to see my first two novels published today.

Having seen my short stories published by others has given me the confidence to know that a editor will tell your what’s right or wrong with your work just to make it the very best it can be. I’ve found this has helped me to improve my writing abilities, which will in turn improve my chances of seeing my novels published by one of the big six . Like all skills, you have to serve your apprenticeship before you can become the master.

This year will, I hope be the year I see my new novel set out on a journey to be published. So far I have written the first 12k words, and its synopsis. So I hope you will follow me on this trip.


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