Just write itLike all things in life, you have to learn to find your way. Like this new blog of mine, I’m find it tough going. Everything is new to me apart from the writing. What’s tough for me is how to use it to make my writing shine through and give someone something to think about after reading it.

Like everyone else, my unknown reader will have lots of other more important things on their mind than just my posting. I guess it’s like writing a short story or a novel. You need to make it outstanding to lodge in their mind so they find themselves thinking about it even when they don’t want too.

Ah-ha… I hear you say, now if we all knew the answers to that everyone would be doing it.

So true, but here’s the thing. How many times have you read something which has stay with you even after you’ve closed the book?

Personally myself, not many. Sometimes a film will stay with me much longer, but I think that’s different from writing. Seeing something we have no control over is far more powerful than reading a written word. where you are creating the image in your own mind.  This is why they say a picture is worth a thousand words.   Why drawing and art was first created by man and the written word came afterwards.  Why as children we are shown picture books to learn language.

So now we know we need to make our words stronger and more powerful, to create a lasting mind picture in our readers’ minds. Tough isn’t it. If I find out, I shall let you know 🙂

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