Okay, so being a writer isn’t exactly a dangerous job, but as you spend most of your day sitting at a keyboard it can throw up plenty of health issues, if you not careful.

Now I’ve never been one for dieting and I guess most of you may say ‘What on earth is she complaining about, if I could get into size 14 clothes I would be happy’Image

I’m sure you’re right, but my lovely clothes are beginning to become very tight on me.  In a world of plenty, I’m sure there are many who would love to eat as much as I do every day when they have so little, but my problem isn’t that I eat too much, or that I’m eating the wrong things. What I’m not doing is enough exercise.

I’m caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I need to sit and write, but sitting around all day means I can’t exercise. Some of you know that my friend Ana and I try to walk every day, but some mornings this is impossible because of the weather or other commitments.

There is a far more important reason why I’m concerned about my health. My mother is in a wheelchair in a nurse home after years of neglecting her health through poor diet and lack of daily exercise. This has left her with muscles wastage and unable to walk, move her arms and finally not being able to care for herself.

When we first noticed she had a problem with her health the hospital carried out tests to see what was wrong.  They told us there was no reason for her not to be able to walk.

My mother always enjoyed her independence. She was active, joined many clubs and had friends.  We regularly visited her and everything seemed normal until word came that she had one too many visits to the hospital that she was unable to live alone.

Over the next five years, she lived in a warden flat where she just spent her time sitting watching the TV and waiting for carers to come in to sort her meals. This was when her problems really started to show.  At the age of seventy, my mother gave up all together, now at eighty, she tells us she wishes she could walk.

Caring for one’s health is down to the individual, so my plan isn’t just about losing weight, or promoting any particular diet. It’s about me understanding that if I going to spend most of my day sitting staring at a screen, instead of become a published author, I’m in danger of becoming my mother… or more suffering her health issues.

I’ve taken a series of photographs to show how I looked at the beginning of this year, so I can see if I can make a difference by the end. I shall keep a strict control on what I eat and how much exercise I do while still hitting my word count for the day.

My plan is to walk in the morning with my friend, Ana. When the kettle is boiling, I shall do a few exercise while making a drink ( as you know us writers drink a lot during the day) If I get stuck on a sentence or looking for the rImageight word a few quick squats will get the heart rate going and oxygen to the brain to help refresh the mind.

Anyway, we shall see how it goes.

Here’s to a fitter healthy new year and me.

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