Today with the weather being stormy and news that next week is to turn quite cold, being warm and safe in my writing room sound like heaven on earth. To my right, my darling husband is busy on his computer while curled up on her cushion our cat sleeps.

This morning my plan was to finish my entry for BBC ImageNational Short Story Award 2014.  Now I’m really pleased to tell you I have, though the ending needs a final bit of polishing.

Can’t wait for my good friend, Joan to have a read. She’s great at seeing things I don’t.


After spending most of yesterday removing the dye from my hair, I’m having a tough time with my ‘new’ hair colour. Since stripping out the plum colour it had left it looking a lovely shade of ginger. My darling husband said it makes me look like a scary scarecrow…  LOL Bless him.

I’m in two minds what to do next. Let it grow out and go for what my husband calls ‘Gracefully going grey’ or reach for a new box. I have a light brown ready, but after how longer it took, not to mention how much it cost, to get rid of the old colour I seriously thinking about letting Mother Nature do her best for me. The one thing that did surprise me was how soft my hair is after removing the dye, even my husband said the same.  

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