ImageYesterday, I completed my entry for the BBC National Short Story Award 2014. I’m pleased with my hard work and strangely happy with the end result. I guess you are wondering how this can be, well, often I find I’m not, but this time I’ve edited as I’ve been working on the story. The word count is high and it’s the longest short story I’ve written so far.

In the evening, I worked out it took me four days to write it. In as much as a 104 hours, 31 mins = 4 days and 8hrs solid hard work. According to my computer it took me 147 revisions to finish it at this stage. I’m now waiting to see what my good friend, Joan has to say about it and whether I need to make and further changes to it before it is ready to go.   

This morning I woke with a mild headache and a stiff neck… I guess I worked too hard at the editing yesterday. I woke at 2.00 in morning and realise I had forgotten to make Russell’s sandwiches of work. This is the second time I’ve done this. I told him I had too much on my mind yesterday and he just smiled. Bless him for being so understanding. I enjoy the fact I’m able to stay focused on my writing at last, though I have a growing pile of ironing that needs doing.

Today, I’m start work on my Gothic Short Fiction entry. I’ve got an idea which I sketched out a few weeks ago. Well, 2,398 words of 5,000 but I’m not sure whether I can turn it into what I imagine a Gothic short story to be, so the ironing may get done today while I play around with my idea…. oh well, we will see. 

Have a great day.

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