daydreamerI think my brain gone in to melt down after yesterday. After staring at the screen for a long time and reading through an idea I had sketched out a few weeks ago I found I didn’t know where to take it. I then play around with the ending of the BBC Story.
It’s funny how ideas keep come to you when you think you’ve finished something yet to start something new, you find yourself lost for words. Though, I like the ending even better now, I really mustn’t play with it until it comes back from Joan.
Tried to work on my new project which is a gothic story, but I don’t know where I want to go with it yet. I got a few books off my shelf and did some reading to help kick-start an idea, but nothing came. So I went off to do the ironing and watched a DVD hoping that would kick-start an idea…. Guess what? Nothing.

So I’ve decided to work on my novel for a week to give the short story side of my brain a rest.

Hopefully something will come to me soon


    1. Thank you Flighty for dropping by. More rain today here. I hope wherever you are it’s a dry day so you can have time in your garden. I think I may have a swimming pool rather than a pond in mine by the end of the month. P.S hopefully I’ve lost the typos in my posting. Too much editing confuses my brain 🙂


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