This morning the sun pulled me away from the keyboard, even though I’m in a hurry to finish my short story and get back to my novel.  My husband Russell left home at 6.00 to morning so he could go selling at a car boot.  We are hoping to clear our loft of our unwanted belongings. If the weather is as nice as it is today he’ll be making many trips.

View to the greenhouse
View to the greenhouse

So once the sun broke through I decided to go and dig over the veggie patch and planted my onion set. So at last, I’m pleased to be able to say they’re in. This year I’m hoping to have a better crop.

As the local cats like to take a short cut through my garden I have to cover any ground I dig over as they think my garden is the local cat’s loo.

At the moment, the garden is looking untidy, with the grass not being cut. I can’t wait to get busy tidying up and sorting out the rubbish.

This morning I was pottering in the greenhouse, I had my little radio on and listened to the ‘Archers’.  Listen to the programme takes me back to my childhood when my grandmother and my mother would listen while cooking the Sunday dinner.Hopeful if the weather is kind to us again, I want to get in to the shed and

In the Greenhouse.
In the Greenhouse.

greenhouse and have a good sort out. I love to pull everything out and have a good sweep and clean out any rubbish. In the greenhouse, I like clean out the pots, fill up the dustbin I use to store my compost ready to do my hanging baskets.

This morning I planted some pots with foxgloves seeds my friend Linda gave me and some Sweet William seed I saved from last year. Both of these plants remind me of my Mum. It just so sad that my mother is in a wheelchair now and has to have 24 hour care. if she was in better health I would love for her to come and spend the time with me in my garden, though I do know she would be off doing her own thing, if she could.

By the shed.
By the shed

My veggie garden is a very odd shape so I can’t really show you in one shot. When I was working full time made small beds so it was easy for me to look after them. Each bed  has a path round it so I could reach from either side to the middle. My sister said, they looked like graves.

While talking about being One Foot in the Grave, I’ve made my mind up that I really fancy doing yoga classes to keep fit. So I phoned my wonderful friend, Ana to ask her if she fancy having a go too.  She said she was going to do classes a few years ago but didn’t, so she wouldn’t mind have a go this time. It should be fun, I hope.

Gardening quote2While I was in the garden, I saw two peacock butterflies, a ladybird and three very busy bumblebees. It’s wonderful to know Mother nature is still with us after all the rain we’ve had. The butterflies must have found somewhere safe and dry to see the winter through.

Have a great week, and I hope the sun will keep shining on you.

Paula R C.

P.s I can hear people are really cutting their lawns, but I shall wait a little long for the grass to dry out first.


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  1. You’re ahead of me as I wouldn’t be planting my onion sets for a week or so yet. Small vegetable beds are definitely easier to work.
    Lucky you seeing the butterflies as I’ve yet to see any even though I spent the morning on the plot. xx


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