Nets on the line
Nets on the line

Okay, so what started out to be a straight forward day has turned into a war zone in my kitchen. I woke this morning thinking ‘Hey, we’re in for another warm spring day, I’ll wash my nets while finish editing my short story. BUT no! while working on my computer, I heard a strange noise from downstairs and the power went off.

Even Willow sat up and gave me a puzzled cat stare. In the kitchen, I found the washing machine throwing up and bubbles everywhere. After checking that the lights were working, I found the circuit-breaker had throw its switch.

Willow decided not to stick around to help out and disappeared out the back door as soon as I opened it.  Okay, so I’m on my own here.

Staring into the machine, I wondered how was I going to get all that water out without adding to the mess. It’s amazing when you switch on a washing machine and walk away you don’t think about the amount of water you use until you need to get it out quickly.

Once I switched the circuit-breaker back on I realised that there wasn’t anything wrong with my machine apart from too


many bubbles. I had added stuff to my wash which whitened my nets, this was too much for the machine. Turning the switch to spin solved the problem. I was able to drain the washing machine, get the nets out and rinse them through and peg them out. I ran the another wash through without adding any soap.   Thank goodness, my machine works perfectly.

My kitchen is now clean, wet mat hanging up to dry. This afternoon, I shall clean the windows before rehanging them. All I need now is a warm day to dry everything.

Hopefully now, I can get back to my writing. 🙂

Have a great day,



    1. Thank you for dropping by, Flighty.. Willow return after all the fuss had die down. She now fast asleep on my husband’s computer chair. I had cleaned all the window and rehung my nets. There is something so satisfying about clean windows and nets. I just give up net curtains I know many people have move over to blinds, but they get so dusty, when nets you can take them down and wash them.


    2. Willow returned as soon as the fuss all die down. My white nets are now hanging back at the clean windows. I know many people have moved over to blinds but I find them to be dust traps and you can’t taken them down to wash. I find washing nets very satisfying myself.


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