Ivy, Nicky and Linda
Ivy, Nicky and Linda, three of my best writing friends

Yesterday, I spent the day with my dear friend, Elizabeth (Ivy) Lord who now writes for Random House under the name of Maggie Ford. At 87 her excitement at being taken on by such a big company is overwhelming. It just goes to show me that I have plenty of time ahead me to get my novels published. We spent some of our time together working through my latest short story. Ivy was showing me how to improve my editing skills which is a great help as most publishers nowadays like you to do most of the work.

I was lucky enough to meet Ivy (as I know her) at an Essex Book Festival over seven years ago. When I finished work three years ago she suggested I came along to her writing group and our friendship grew. Though my style of writing is very different from hers she is such a great help and encourages to me.

Over the time I have been writing, the most important lesson I’ve learnt is to surround yourself with positive people who enjoy writing as much as you do, because you are going to need them. Writing to be published is a lonely job and when you start out the rewards are very thin on the ground. It is these people who will help you through the tough times and keep you focused on the road ahead.

Repeat after me:  I write because I love writing, if I make any money, it is a bonus.    Say this to yourself at least 10 times a day.

Only the very few make a good living for it, please remember this. I know this for sure as Ivy has told me and she should know after having 27 books published.

Have a great day writing, and remember you write because you love it


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