My husband Russell.
My husband Russell.

Today, my husband headed off to do a car boot sale. Yes, we have too much rubbish in our loft and he hoped that crowds of nice people wanted to pay good money to buy our goods to fill their empty lofts.  Well, that was the plan 🙂

While he was standing in a cold, windy field, hoping that the sun would break through and warm his chilling bones, my plan was to make my skirt for the Whitby Goth Festival.

Well, after sorting out my sewing cupboard and box hunting for a zipper, I put my sewing things away and went back worked on my novel.  I have plenty of time to finish my skirt as the festival isn’t until at the end of April.

I’m so glad I did. Now I’m very happy girl! So far I’ve written 19% …. Okay, so that not much at the moment, but one can’t run until you’ve learnt how to walk 🙂

And as for my dear husband who works hard so I can stay at home writing, the heavens opened and rained on him.Google Images

Bless him…

When he got home cold and wet, I stopped what I was doing, made him a cup of tea, and help him dry off our goods ready for next time.

Paula R C.

P.S he did sell a few bits, and use the money to buy some shopping on his way home.

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