In the kitchen
In the kitchen

Last night was cold. When the Cat came in this morning she headed straight for the radiator after eating her breakfast, of course. Once she’d warmed up, she wanted to go straight back out again, by then the sun had woken and was pouring warming light over everything.

In my kitchen, my pots of butternut squash, toms and peppers are showing signs of growth. I’ve always grown my veggie seeds on my kitchen window where I can keep an eye on them.

Pots of Veggies
Pots of Veggies

This year I’m hope for better luck in the veg garden, as everything was very slow. By the time my butternuts has tiny squashes the growing season was over.  I have flower seed sprouting in the greenhouse, which I’m pleased about as I gave up on growing flowers while I was working full-time. They would start okay but by the time I got home from work after a hot day the poor things would be dead.

After vacuuming the house and doing some washing I’m ready to start writing again.  At the moment, I’m failing miserably as a housewife as I hadn’t washed my husband’s work shirts from last week. Lucky for me he found one in the wardrobe, so he hasn’t gone to work bare-chested. 🙂

( But still he was smiling when he headed off to work this morning. Most importantly he said he loved me and hoped I had a good day writing. 🙂

His shirts are now on the washing line, so hopefully, with the bright sunshine and hot radiators I shall have them back in the wardrobe before he’s back home.

Must stay positive.

Hmm, what to have for dinner today?

Have a great day,

Paula R C.



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