Art of wordsAnother new week is upon us. Not only does tomorrow bring a new month, but we are making small steps into a new season too. With all this refreshing new beginnings surrounding us, I’m working hard on my latest novel.

Today, I’m breaking the back of a new chapter.

I like to write the chapter out then keep re-reading it until I’ve edited it within an inch of its life. Then re-read the previous chapters making sure it all ties in before moving on to the next one.
When I wrote my first two novels I followed the rules I had read in the ‘How to’ books which said get your first draft down before editing. This I found to be too much hard work as I was putting in too many unnecessary details and characters then having to delete much of it afterward.

As much as I love writing it can be disheartening to have to delete hours of unnecessary work. Now I like to write a synopsis and have some idea where the story is going.  I’m trying hard to stay as close as I can to the main plotline, rather than as most newbie writers do get side-track and overwrite.

Yes, your story will take on a life of its own, but one must stay focused.Born to write

For some reason, I feel very positive about my book. Mainly, I think it is because at last I’ve found my writer’s voice. Knowing so much more about writing, and most importantly, how to tell a good story has given me the confidence to feel ready to become a positive writer, rather than a person whose dream is to become a wordsmith.

Have a great day,

Paula R C,


    1. You are so right. I guess it’s kind of like leaving school you know you have the power to step forth into the unknown. Only this time, I have wisdom which comes with old age and the skills to make a better job of it 🙂


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