GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday, my dear husband bought me a present. We saw these bags in a shop window and he wanted me to have one for my trip to London, with my friend, Ivy.

As you can see the clutch bag is in the shape of a book. As I write dark fantasy I chose the one which is called ‘Observations of a Night Owl by Arthur M. Lewis’.

The inside lining has pages from books printed on it. It’s so lovely.

I just hope there enough room for all I need to carry. 🙂

Today, I’m working on my novel. My work count is growing nicely as you can see on my side bar where I have placed a meter called ‘Third Novel’.

I’m hope to have some great news soon, but like you, I will have to wait until after Thursday to see what will happen next.

I know, I can’t wait either, but as they say ‘Everything comes to those who wait’.  🙂

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s the trouble with writing, nothing is instant you must learn to be very patient, if you can’t then I’m sorry to say, writing isn’t for you.

Well, that all for now.

I hear my keyboard calling.

Chat again soon, and have a great weekend.

Paula R C



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