GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWoke to a bright new morning. The air was warm enough to know there was a hot day waiting to happen. I met up with my friend Ana and we headed off with our cameras. Taking the footpath along the edge of the field we went towards the old airfield.

By the time we were heading back the sun had broken through the haze and was warming up nicely.  there was plenty to see. Feeding on the rape seed heads, we watched a charm of gold finches.

On a bank, poppies and white Campion were growing. We watched as a pair of hares played hide and seek with us, but we weren’t quick enough to get a picture.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Heading home, we walked along the footpath which took us to the fishing lake where there is a swan nesting.

We like this path as there is always plenty of insects to see. We’ve taken pictures of dragon flies and butterflies in the past but today we weren’t luck.

Today, I’m busy tightening a chapter after my husband spent Sunday helping me read through my first eleven chapters. I like to edit as I work as it makes it easy to keep my plotline tight, to know where my story is going and keep track of the characters. I also find new ideas come to me as I read back over my work too.

I have a couple of things that have come to light which I need to add in.


I’m off to the post office for my husband then back to the keyboard for me today.

Hope you have a great day and enjoy the lovely weather we having.


Best wishes,

Paula R C.


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