Votes for womenDon’t forget to vote, people.

Britain needs to wake up to a new political future where politicians listen to the people instead of us having to listen to them bickering with each other about whose the best.
They seem to forget we know they are as bad as each other when it comes to liars as all of them have had their hands in the taxpayer’s money box with the last lot of scandals. We’ve had it all, you name it we’ve had a politicians from every party that’s done it, apart from listening to what we, the people, want.
Yes, I know this isn’t a general election… But the parties use this as a gage what we the people are thinking…. So lets show them and give them a wake up call.

Oh, happy days!
Better still let’s stay at home & vote with our feet.Suffragette-that-knew-jiujitsu

If you do… Don’t moan when you wake up one morning and the grass isn’t green anymore… And there’s no NHS, etc.

Right, I’ve had my say…

If I could I would vote for the suffragettes, because that was the only time in this country when it had a real wake up call in politics. The women spoke and men were made to listen.

Have a great day whatever you do.

I’m off to London to party with the Romantic authors, if you are there I look forward to saying ‘hello’ and, don’t worry I promise I’ll only to talk about books and writing. LOL

As my old gran use to say, ‘stay away from religion and politics’ 😉

Best wishes,

Paula R C

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