Heavy Rain in LondonYesterday, I had a wonderful day in London even though the heavens open and the sky fell in.

Lucky for Ivy (Maggie Ford) and I we were in a taxi when the lightning struck the Shard as we watched it through the window.

We met Ivy’s publisher at the Dukes Hotel for tea.

It is said that the late James Bond author, Ian Fleming was inspired by drinking Martini’s in DUKES to use the classic line “shaken, not stirred” by his well-known character in all his books.

I just hope that I have picked up some of DUKES’ magic and have some of Flemings’ luck to with my writing.  Though, I’m just happy taking it step by step.

After filling ourselves with their delicious cakes and sandwiches we went on to RNA Summer party at the Royal Over-sea League where we met up with Nicky Slade, Cathy Mansell and Pamela Fudge.

I also got to met Helen Phifer who was up for award.  She’s a wonderful writer, who I never got to speak too at the Harrogate Crime Festival.

Maggie Ford outside The Royal Over Sea League
Maggie Ford outside The Royal Over Sea League

Dearest Ivy is such a good friend to me even though it was her birthday she was busy selling my novel to anyone who would listen.

I’ve passed on my first nine chapters to her publisher, so now it just a question of waiting to see what happens next. I’m not so hopeful, but Ivy is.

I know it’s good… Okay, I think it is brilliant and I’m enjoying writing it.

Over my other two novels this is my best and most accomplish writing yet, but that’s just my option and Ivy’s too.  🙂 Bless her.

So now the waiting game start.

Ivy really enjoyed her birthday. Last year she celebrated by going to the Queen’s Garden Party. At the RNA party, she thought it was wonderful that everyone took time out to wish her a happy birthday.


Gillian & Maggie Ford (Ivy)
Gillian & Maggie Ford (Ivy)

Her publisher, Gillian Greene gave her a print out of her book sales so far and a list of when her next books are coming out.  It’s amazing how many books she has sold in such a short amount of time.

On the way home, she chatted with me about her excitement, and how she always looked forward to achieving this much with her writing, but was a little sad that it has taken her so long. She made me smile when she said, ‘I hope I’m still around when my other books are re-released in 2016.’

I’m sure she will and I told her so.

What’s amazing with Ivy is she still looks upon her achievements as a newbie writer. She excited about her future books and what will happen next even after having 27 books published.

She’s looking forward to finishing her next book, and is hoping they will take that one on too.

Next Thursday, Ivy and I are off to the local chapter of the RNA in Chelmsford.

Have a great weekend,


Paula R C.





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