A writer who waitsThe strange thing I find about being a writer is everyone does it differently. There are no real rules when it comes to writing. It’s like life. We are all born in the same way and we shall all died, but the bit in the middle is different.

Books are the same whether it is a eBook or a hard copy, they all have a beginning and an end, it is the bit in the middle which is different. When it comes to writing and getting published every writer does it differently all hoping for the same results. We all want to be published to create a book that every reader will want to read.

When I sit down to write I work in a way that suit me. I’ve had read many books on ‘how to’ and listened to many authors talking about how they work at their writing. I’ve read articles about where authors sit to write whether they have a special room, or place they like to work in. This can be anything from a shed in the garden or their local coffee shop. I like to write alone in my room. If I need to think I go off walking, doing housework or gardening, but you might different.

I know that Stephen King like to take a long walk before sitting down to write. Some writers like to work in the morning, some through the night, some only in the afternoon, everyone is different, but all are working to the same ends.

There is no right or wrong way to create a book… there’s only one way to get to the end. That’s to sit down and write. To find the right word, put one in front of another and keep going into you get to the end.

I like to write three chapters, edit, read, re-edit move on then write the next chapter re-read the last three edit re-read then move on. I find this works for me.
Now you find your way of doing it. Don’t limit yourself to doing it just one way until you find what works best for you.once grammar
Remember it’s all about the writing, not how you got there.

This morning I was working on chapter eleven of my novel when I landed up writing the last two chapters of my book. Now this may seem an odd thing to do, but I suddenly saw my main character sitting talking with a minor character and it all make sense.

Now I know how my novel ends in a bit more detail. I had sketched out an idea. So I kind of knew what sort of ending, I wanted, but this all makes it a lot clearer. Now it’s a case of joining up the dots.

Remember, it’s all about the journey, not how you got there.

Have a great day writing.

Paula R C


    1. Thank you Harliqueen. I met up with some published writers the other day and was listening to them talking about how they write. Everyone had a different way of writing. Once you know the basic rules with grammar etc the rest is up to you.


  1. This is so true. For instance, I know a lot of writers need a room of one’s own (or a corner), but I’m happy anywhere, in bed, on the dinning room table, sometimes even in the study. .

    But I’m very interested in reading about other writers’ process. I’m not sure why. It’s interesting to bench mark oneself, I find. And sometimes you read something that either strikes true, or challenges your own process.


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