My Cards
My Cards

I’ve just be reading on A Writer’s Life For me blog by Harliqueen about ways she is wanting to promote her work.

It got me think about the ways I promote myself and my work.

I made myself some postcard size promotional cards which I carry with me all the time and hand these out when I get talking to people. Just recently, I went up to London to the RNA summer party. I saw an opportunity to hand some out when I noticed that the taxi drivers all read books while waiting for their next pick up.

Though I’m not self-published I still promote my short stories which are in anthologies along myself and hopeful in the not too distance future my novels.

I never want to sound as if I’m doing a sales pitch… ’ Remember always how you feel when you find Jehovah witnesses on your doorstep spreading their good news in their ‘Watch Tower booklet’ unless you are a Jehovah then you have got the marketing skills already.

I always wait until I’ve engaged in conversation with the person and find out if they are readers and what sort of books they like. I have found that readers love talking about books as much as we writers do. Three good places to get chatting with readers are in charity shops, at Car boot sale and second-hand bookshops, while looking at books. I’m always on the look out for reference books, so I always chat to the stallholder if they are selling lots of books and pass on my cards to them while we chat.

If you engaged in a relationship with the person first i.e. by showing interest in their reading taste and chatting about books you have enjoyed too, it feels less like a sales pitch when you mentions that you write too and offer them your card. Never start telling them how wonderful your book is, just tell them all the details are on the card and let them check out for themselves. If they do ask you questions all well and good . . . then tell them more, but only then.

Remember the words Jehovah & watch tower, if you do start talking too much… 🙂

Let the readers find out for themselves and spread the word for you…

Have a great weekend,

Paula R C



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