Creeping Thistle & bee

Another morning’s walk takes my friend Ana and I back along a well walked path through an ancient wood. The land we walk on was once owned by the Knight Templars .  On leaving the woods we back track the edge of the wood and found a patch of Creeping thistles, which the bees were busy collection pollen from. It was interesting to find that some of the flowers were white instead of purple.

The area around our village seems to give us a wide collection of different habitats to explore for plants and insects. Apart from coastal areas, we have woodlands, grasslands, wetlands (ours around the lakes and gravel pits of which we have two) and almost heathland.

The Old Oak Tree
The Old Oak Tree


I have  a great love for this old tree and take as many different pictures of it through the year. I worried about it in the storms and hurried to check it out after they had passed and was pleased to see it hadn’t suffered any damage. I have a feeling it has see many changes in the landscape around since it took root.

Passing the tree, we head down from its grassy plain toward a small stream and cross a foot bridge. This path takes us pass a field of horses on to a fishing lake. In the lake we have been watch a pair of swans who have had a nest at its water’s edge.

The mother had gone and for a moment we couldn’t see them.  Then to our delight they came into view and their with them was their family of seven.

I hope you have a great weekend,

Best wishes,

Paula R C

The  Swan Lake Family
The Swan Lake Family









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