Taken at the side of the road on our way to Rosedale, North Yorkshire.

Okay so the title of this posting looks as though its full of promise for a writer, but! Yes, I know there is always a BUT. The ‘too many’ aren’t book deals or competition wins, it’s life. In the summer my writing, as much as I want it to be at the front of everything I’m doing, kind of takes second place.

We’ve just come back from a weekend away in Whitby. It was lovely to go North as it always feels as though I’m going home. My family roots are very much in the North Yorkshire. This year, husband and I won’t be spending our annual holiday in Whitby as we have some repairs needing to be done on our house.

At the moment I’m busy working on three short stories for competitions as well as my novel. I know, I should stay focused on one thing, but have a break from the novel is helping. Though, having said that, the house and garden is keeping me too busy to stay focused on anything much, and as for this heat, well that isn’t helping much either. ;-(  just too hot for me.

I haven’t had much luck with any of the competitions I’ve entered so far, which is why I’m doing three more. I might even keep this up for next year too. I’m enjoying that little unknown. It would be lovely to have something unexpected to come out of the blue, just when you are about to give up.

Must get back to my writing,

Have a great week.

Paula R C



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