Pussy Willow & the mouse
Pussy Willow & the mouse

Writing is a bit like a cat with mouse. You can land up chasing your own tale(tail), but if you put in the hours, and keep pawing away at it, you can end up with a story to be proud of, which is why I’m very pleased with my new story.

Yesterday, I found myself stuck as the endings wasn’t quite what I wanted.  At first I ran over the word count so I had to do a lot of rewriting and tightening to be able to get it to say what I wanted. After reading through the whole story at least ten times, I finally brought it all together. Now it’s with my friend, Joan.

This morning, I was to go walking with my friend Ana, but she needed to finished a job at home before her granddaughter arrived so she cancelled. As it was nice and cool I went into the garden to tidy up before it got too hot.

I’m now working on my next competition entry. This one is about childhood fears. It’s very much for an adult market, so I must make it very dark almost black. 🙂

The photos are of my cat, Pussy Willow.  She moved in with my husband and I about a year ago, after I found her in the garden eating bread I had put out for the birds. Over the last few days she has eaten two birds after killing them. Though I’m not happy about this, I understand she is a cat.   Last week, I saw her in the garden carrying a blackbird. I left her to it, because it was dead, thinking she would eat it, but she didn’t. Today, I saw her with a mouse. It was very much alive, and Willow being a cat started to play with it. Pussy Willow & mouse

I was about to let her be when I saw the little mouse cleaning its ear as the big cat sat there watching it. It made a dash, but Willow got to it before it could break for freedom. I tried to help, but she was too quick even for me.

After emptying the wild bird food pot I scooped up the little mouse and put it up out of Pussy Willow’s way until I was sure it was okay. After hunting around for her lost play mate she went indoors looking for her food. I put the little mouse in the front garden out of her way.

I hope it lives to tell its children how it out smarted the cat.

Now I’m off to take a shower and cool down, then back to my keyboard to play around with the darker side of life.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R C.

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