I’ve just received my latest short story back from my good friend, Joan. Once again, she has given me an insight in where I can make improvements and tighten my story. On the whole, she has told me, it work, but she was left puzzled by two of my characters.

Here’s my problem:
I write a mystery in which I like to misguide my readers through a finely spun web of clues. There’s an art to my writing in which if I give too much away the reader will know the end before they are half way through the story. This mean there isn’t a mystery for them to solve so not a lot of point in them reading to the end.

So are Joan’s point valid?

The points she has made means she has understood the story. I’ve guided her in the direction I wanted her to go, but I need to clarify a couple of the points.

Here comes the most difficult thing:
How do I do it without giving to much away. The two characters my protagonist meet in his journey home are there to guide him. Now how can I make improvement in their roles without giving too much away and keeping the word count just the same.

I start by rereading the story. With every sentences I’m asking myself. Do I need it, can I rewrite it or should I cut? This is where a writer learns their skills to edit their own work. To tightening without losing the main feel to the story which Joan loved as well as keeping the mystery alive and clarifying to two characters’ role.

I shall let you know how I got on.

Have a great week,

Paula R. C.

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