Street Music at Camden Lock, London
Street Music at Camden Lock, London

Over the last few weeks it has been hard to find time to just stop and stare. Not so much as standing around staring, but more stopping and staring at my computer screen.

If you follow me on Facebook you will know what I’ve been up to over these last few weeks. A trip to Whitby and a day spent in London.

As a writer one must take time out to experience the world around you. Who knows when a moment away from the keyboard may just give you the inspiration you need to make your story into a great piece of writing.

Nothing is wasted in this game.

A recently visited place may even help you to form the backdrop in your next piece of work, or a witnessed scene like an accident we passed in the coach while in London may help to make a setting more realistic.

Anyway, today I’ve nothing to do, but sit at my computer and sort out my latest short story. Joan and my dear friend, Maggie Ford have both made the same point over the ending, so once this is sorted it will be ready to send off.

Whitby Harbour in the Evening
Whitby Harbour in the Evening

This week, I have two busy days ahead, though I’m hoping things will get back to normal soon.

Yesterday, after walking with my friend Ana in the morning, I spent sometime in the garden tidying up and cutting back.  I’ve planted up two new beds after getting rid of an old shrub.

It’s amazing what a difference  a quick decision can make 🙂

We are suppose to have two days of heavy rain which would be great as my water butts are empty again. My butternuts, beans and tomatoes are doing well so you will understand this is taking up my time too, but it gives me time to stop and think.

Have a great day,

Paula R. C.


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