Swan family on the movedThis morning when my friend Ana and I set out for our morning walk there was a nip in the air. A sign of things to come maybe. I felt I needed my fingerless gloves, and maybe a knitted hat too, but as we walked on the sun broke through and it started to warm up.

Our journey took us across what’s left of the old airfield as they extracted the gravel to feed the demand for houses and roads across the country. The landscape, we once knew, is changing forever as a mountain grows before our eyes like a huge flat-topped pyramid on the horizon.

It isn’t just our landscape which is on the change either, as the season is on the change too.

The fruit is falling quite quickly now, though it doesn’t seem that long ago when Ana and I were seeing the small budding apples, blackberries and plums along the hedgerow. My friend, Dot gave me damson and cherry plums which I made some jams with this morning.

Over these few days, while out walking, we’ve come across amazing number of different fungi a sure sign that the season is on the change. Yesterday, we witnessed a family of swans on the move from one lake to another, today a flock of geese took  to the air as we followed the path home.

On the writing front, I’ve just entered my twelfth writing competitions. Hopefully, I shall have some luck with at least one though so far  this year I’ve failed with five.

Taking Flight
Taking Flight

If not, I shall have to start again next year.

Have a great week and keep on following your dream.

Paula R C




  1. I don’t think you’ve failed at all – every entry is in its own way a successful creation that we are happy for someone else to read. It takes guts to put your work out there to be judged, so kudos to you for doing it.

    And I have to say as a pale ginger Celt, I am so happy I need an extra blanket on the bed at night. There’s a lovely nip in the air on my morning walks.


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