Paula & Ana at work
Paula & Ana at work

This is a picture of my dear friend Ana and myself when we worked together.

Behind us are the benches we used to work at. This all seems a lifetime ago. Yes, I was happy working at those benches, and with the people we worked with.  The most surprising thing of all is the fact that while I was working at my bench, all I could think about was ‘there must be more to life than this?’

Then one day, I decided what I wanted and made a plan.

At first some people laughed, others told me I should do more overtime, some even shook their heads in disbelief, but a few very close friends who knew me well enough to know once I make a plan, I stick to it.

Today, I sent off the 2nd edit of my soon to be published short story. While I was working on it, Ana dropped by for a chat. We sat in my writing room, chatting about the two stories, I’m working on. I showed her the picture I found last night while going through the piles of notes and hastily scribble ideas for stories I made while working at the bench in the photo. Some of the notes were on old order reports we had to print to make sure all the parts were in stores, we needs for the week.

How my life has changed since my dream has taken wings.

Looking back I find it is all so amazing. I know I still have a long way to go before my first novel is published, but I’m where I want to be, still on track with the plan I made seven years ago.

Have a great week,

Paula. R .C.


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