Tracy, Paula and Debz on their way to the Commonwealth Conversation in London
Tracy, Paula and Debz on their way to the Commonwealth Conversation in London

I entered the BBC National Short Story Award this year, and didn’t win.  I know, it was crazy of me to enter such a big competition, but I felt I should push my boundaries and aim high. It would’ve been amazing even to have been short listed, but even still I have a finished story which I can send out elsewhere next year.

As this year slowly comes to a close I’m pleased to find I’ve had three short stories accepted for publication. As the anthologies will be in hard copies I will be able to add them to my bookshelf.

My dream is to have my own name on a hardback cover, but this might never happen as Hardback are becoming a thing of the past. My novel when  it is published will either be as a paperback or eBooks. Maybe if I make enough money in the future, I could get my own copy turned into a hardback for myself.

Over the winter months I shall be busy working on finishing my novel which I’ve neglected I’m ashamed to say, but then I couldn’t work on Shorts and it at the same time as well as all my other household chores. During the winter months, I don’t have to worry about the garden.

The break from working on the novel has surprisingly help me in two ways. I can now take a fresh look at what I’ve written already. I’ve mapped out the whole novel so I know how it will end, now I’ve just got to get it all down.

Knowing I have three stories going into print soon has given my confidence at boost.  Writing a novel takes such a long time it seems like forever until you get something into print so knowing at the end of this year, I will see some results to my hard work is brilliant.

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited by Debz a dear fellow writer and published author to join her as a guest at the Commonwealth Writers Conversation in London was amazing. We had a very interesting evening as three writer from the commonwealth were in conversation with the chair of 2015 short story prize, Romesh Gunesekera. They talked about whether humour and conflict can be written into the same story and be seen as entertaining. I found it very interesting as the prize winner of this year competition, Jennifer Nansubuga Makumi had quite strong views on the British not have a sense of humour when it comes to serious subjects. Obviously this show our culture differences when it comes to humour I felt as we do have what is known as black humour in our country.

Dark comedy or Black humour comes from what was once known a Gallows Humour, making light of a hopeless situation on the gallows when the convicted man entertained the crowd before his execution when such things were done outside the jails in England.

I hope you all have a great weekend,

Paula R C.



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