GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWell, here we are again that time when we start looking back over the old and looking forward to the new. It is the time when we try to put any sadness behind us and look forward to the new year and a new start.

Though there has been sadness within the family time is still moving us on.  We who grow older must step soon step into the older generation’s shoes as they take their leave, as the new generation is waiting to be born.

This year has brought me news that I’m next in line to become a grandmother.

As I slowly watch my mother’s health slip away, so it makes me more aware of my own mortality.

As children we were once excited by Christmases and birthdays, thinking only of bright, new things to play with, but as we grow older we now only see that these times are really marking the passing of our time.

As the Christmas tree sparkles in the corner of my living and family members come to share the joy which is Christmas and the hope for the new year again, it is time to set sadness to one side.

I know this maybe hard for some as they are torn apart by grieve and lost, but from the day we are born, our time on Earth is marked by the passing of the years.

As the big day draws ever closer, and the shopping is finally done it’s time to let go of the sadness of the old and look forward with bright hope, and an uplifting heart to share the new year with the new generation who are waiting to join us.

May I wish you all a very Happy Christmas.  Baby Jesus

Paula R. C.




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