Happy New Year 15With Christmas day now behind us and the New Year just six days away, I have a moment to reflect on the passing of 2014.

I’ve achieved more than I thought I could. Not only have I had three more stories published, but I managed to stand up in front of an audience twice and read aloud my work.

So now has come the time to plan ahead to what I hope to achieve with my writing in 2015.

After completing my first two novels I never felt that they were quite the right books I want to make my entry into the world of publishing with, not because they weren’t great stories in themselves, but because my ability to write well wasn’t fully formed yet.

I did experiment half-heartedly sending both books out to agents and publishers over the years just to get some sort of feedback, though because they have elements of fantasy about them this made it harder to get them published, even though I did have positive feedback on both.

With hindsight, maybe waiting until I wrote the right book has worked for the better as I wouldn’t want to be saddled with writing a genre that doesn’t excite me enough, but most of all I didn’t feel they showcased the best I have to offer to an agent or publisher as I was still on a huge learning curve with them.

With my third novel, I’ve found my voice and know who I am as a writer so I’m ready to push myself to the next level.

By May, I hope to begin the next stage in my writing career to find an agent.  This I know won’t happen overnight so I’m ready for a long wait.

The best thing I can do is to get started on my next novel, or enter a few writing competitions. Though, I do have an incomplete pocket novel sitting in my computer so maybe I should take another look at that J

As they say nothing is wasted when it comes to writing.   Snoopy the writer 2

One step at a time as the Tortoise said to the Hare.

That’s me!  The key to a great writing career is slow and steady. Building my confidence along with my writing ability will set me steadfast for whatever comes next.

Happy 2015 to you all.

Paula R. C.


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