Rejection PlathWhen I first took up writing with the dream to be published I knew I was going to suffer rejection. In everything I read on ‘how to’ become a published writer the one thing you are constantly being told is that you must grow a thick skin when it comes to having your work rejected.

The easy answer to this is to give your precious writing to your family and friends to read, to never submit your work anywhere where it might be turned down.

I never saw my writing as being a hobby. I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone and push my limits further afield. We all are our own worse enemies as we are only limited by our own expectations we put on ourselves.

I see rejection as power to my cause. If I want to be the very best, in this case, a best selling author, I know that rejection helps me to grow and improve my writing.

When I first set out on my journey my lack of confidence showed in my writing. I knew I was at a disadvantage because I had left school with no real understanding of English grammar or punctuation. I had limited myself by my belief that everyone else was better than me because they were better educated.

Changing my mindset and raising my expectation, I have freed myself to be whoever I want to be, in my case a successful writer.

Remember when the teacher marked our schoolwork?  Well, looking back now, I can see that I wasn’t a failure when the teacher wrote ‘ Paula must try harder.’ If I had gone away and thought about what I had written and had another go at it maybe I would have got a gold star, a B+ or even a well done. But I thought you only had one chance to shine and that I had failed. With writing you have more than one bash, but you must keep believing the next submission will be the right one.

My advice to any new writer is every time you receive a rejection, put your story/ novel to one side and wait. Write something new. Every time  you write a new piece you are improving and developing your skills as a writer. Forget about being ‘an overnight success’ there is no such thing. Remember writing is a craft, a skill which must be learnt and crafted. Someone once said, ‘to find your real writer’s voice you have to write three bad novels, or a million words before you write anything half decent.’

Oh and about the stories/novels you set aside, they will be reborn at a later date. When you get stuck or can’t think of something to write about, take a fresh look at your rejected work.

First of all, you’ll be shocked that you had the nerve to send them out when you did, knowing now that they were far from being ready. Now with your newly developed skills you will be able to see how you can turn them into some half decent or even better totally rewrite the plotline.  Every thing you write must be better than your last piece. That’s when you know you’re moving closer to your goal.rejection3

Remember: Rejection + Positive Thinking = Success.

Have a great day Writing,

Paula R C





  1. Inspiring words, Paula! And I can only agree about putting work away for a while and then revisiting it. I’ve cringed at some of the pieces I’ve submitted in the past but then got over it by telling myself that I must have made progress if I can see how improvements can be made.


    1. That’s so right, Christine. If you can start seeing things for yourself it makes life so much easier. We all need to have our finished work checked by someone else, but if we can make it the best we can, it helps towards to get your work published in the end. Best of luck with your submissions in 2015.


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