Through the park: Mr Crittall's old house
Through the park: Mr Crittall’s old house

My dear friend Ana is now back from her long holiday, so this morning was the first time we’ve met up this year to walk.  I was just eating my breakfast when my phone announced I had a text message. At 6.11 Ana asked me ‘Are we walking?’

‘Give me ten minutes,’ I replied.

It was lovely even though there was a nip in the air. The ground was frosty, and high above us the moon was still visible as we set off through the park.

Heading out across the fields, toward the woods, we chatted as we walked along catch up on our news, our cameras ready to record signs of Spring.

Even though Ana has just returned from her homeland, the land of her ancestors, she is excited about being back here. After living in the village for more than 27 years, this is her home, the place she wants to be. ‘I have miss this,’ she said, snapping another shot of the sky and its promise of sunshine.

Morning Sky
Morning Sky

I’ve missed her company too, the pleasure of sharing a walk and the enjoyment of seeing the magic of the nature world around us in the changing of the season.

Tomorrow, we share another walk.

Have a great day,

Paula R. C.


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