On Golden Pond the lone swan
On Golden Pond the lone swan

Having my dear friend and walking companion, Ana back is helping me to clear my head and refocus on my writing. Settling off so early in the morning to take a walk around our beautiful countryside means I’m able to get back to my keyboard and settle down to work feeling fresh and full of energy.

My dear friend and neighbour, Joan has proofread the last three chapters I had finished and sent them back to me with a note saying she didn’t find much wrong with them and found ‘the body in the boots’ was a good character.  Unfortunately, the character was one of the victim. 😦

At the moment, I’m playing around with the last eight chapters as I bring my novel to its final conclusion.  I want the tension to be strong right through to the end. Since chapter 15, my serial killer has been making mistakes. These I’ve been noting down, so I can have the police using them against him.

Trying to keep clues inconspicuous so that they are there, without jumping out at the reader has given me a few headaches. I knew at the beginning where I wanted to take my readers, but having a journey with lots of ups and down you need to get just right to make your book an enjoyable read. This takes the time and a lot of effort.

Mirror, Mirror
Mirror, Mirror

I feel now I’m make headway with my book.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R C.




    1. Too much sadness in the world, so staying positive and spreading smiles keeps everyone happy. Well that’s what I like to think, Flighty. Thank you for your comment. Hope you like the photos I took this morning of the swan called Stevie 🙂 That’s the name one of the fisherman give him so Ana & I call him that now.


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