Magna Carta Exhibition 2015
Magna Carta Exhibition 2015
Magna Carta Signing at Runnymede
Magna Carta Signing at Runnymede

There are many powerful words in the world at any given time, but yesterday my husband and I travelled to London by coach to see an exhibition at the British Library of which the name of the document alone brought about huge changes to this country and around the world throughout history and still even today.

This year marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the great charter. King John signed this famous document on the 15th June 1215 in the presence of the barons and clergy to establish for the first time that all people including the King was subject to the law.

As well as seeing four copies of the 1215 Magna Carta that survive today. One at Lincoln Cathedral, one at Salisbury Cathedral and the two which are held by the British Library itself.  We also had chance to see some beautiful, but ancient books which trace the history of how all the different laws that governed our country were brought together in one document.

I’m sorry I can’t show you any photographs of the documents themselves, or the exhibition because of their age we could only view them in soft lighting and camera flashes would’ve damage them further.

It was a wonderful and interesting day as we also went to the spot where public executions took place, and saw the amazing Rubens ceiling paintings in the Palace of Whitehall which was created by Henry VIII.

Hoping to do more work on my book today.

Have a great day.

Paula R C


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