Bright Sky Ring
Bright Sky Ring

Everything is on the move. Just when you think everything is slowing down or even standing still the second you take your eyes off of it, it has up and gone.

My life was just ticking over nicely. I had time to write. I was feeling lay back and easy. Time seemed to be under my control. The word count on my novel was steadily growing then bang! 

I’ve come to a halt and time is racing by, almost waving to me over its shoulder as it passes. I’m not sure what happened, but I don’t seem to have as much time as I thought. I’ve been busy editing a short story of a submission and working on my novel, while thinking up a new story for another submission, so it isn’t like I haven’t been working on my writing.


The one thing I had been doing is walking with my friend, Ana. We meet up at 6.15 in the morning and set out across the fields. Living in a village we are surrounded by countryside. There’s plenty to see and lots of signs that the season is on the move too.

The birds are busy nest building and in the woods the woodpeckers are drumming.  The ditches are full of violets and primroses and on the trees and in hedgerows buds are breaking open, and the blossom is blooming.  Everything is on the move.



So it seems I need to shift up a gear, and pull my finger out if I’m not to be left behind.

Bye for now and have a great weekend,

Paula R. C.


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  1. I hope the your halt is just a temporary one. It must be nice to talk a walk like that, especially at that time of day which I like.
    Thanks, and you too. xx


    1. Thank you, Flighty. Ana and I try to walk everyday. It’s amazing to see the change in the countryside. I find it sets me up for the day too.


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