Here we are once again with a new year full of possibilities and dreams, but I have only one. Like last year my dream hasn’t really changed only moved much closer to becoming reality.

I’m sorry I wasn’t here to wish you all a happy new year, BUT, I know it’s a bit of a lame excuse, I’ve been busy on my novel. The last two chapters have had me busy rewriting them.

The one thing I never realised when I set off on this writing journey was how much hard work goes into writing a novel or book. If you think it takes most avid readers a week to read a novel or book and most writers a year to two years to write one you understand how we should as readers savour every word and carefully constructed sentences.

My dear friend, Joan has seven chapters at the moment to read so I’m looking forward to seeing her views on them. She is as you all know a avid reader, so she is a customer and her comments I find invaluable as a writer.   Once I’ve finished editing the last two chapters and Joan has read the ending, I’m sending the whole book to another valuable friend and professional writer, editor and proof-reader, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

Debz will be reading through the completed novel to make sure I haven’t over-looked any gaping plot holes or silly little mistake that would stop readers from immersing themselves in my story.

I know that every reader is different and one persons enjoyment in a book is another reader worse nightmare, but I don’t want any reader of my novel to lost heart with it because of a mistake in the narrative.

A little time spent at the end of the novel is just as important as reworking or rewriting the opening chapter to hook your readers. Many a time as a reader I’ve been disappointed with an ending on a novel I’ve been reading.

So as I hone the last two chapters of my novel, may I take this time to wish you all a great success with all your projects in 2016.


Paula R C

Charm of goldfinches 291215
A Charm of Goldfinches


    1. Thank you, Debz. I know you understand because you have been there yourself. All the doubt and anxiety to whether your book is good enough or not.


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