Bug and rose 13616After a lot of heavy rain, I’m glad to say my garden is looking quite wonderful.  My husband and I have been busy getting things ready for our garden party in July. I’ve been busy creating a small painting too.

“Oh, what happened to your novel, I thought you were busy editing?” I can hear you shouting.

Yes, I am still working on it, but at the moment I’m tearing myself in half getting the house and garden ready for when our family and friends come round to help us celebrate our wedding anniversary.

When we got married ten years ago, my husband turned the garage into a pub.  At the time we bought a little pub sign to hang outside of it, but over these last ten years it has faded away, so I’m making our own one.

At the weekend, I did some more work on my novel. It’s improving nicely, growing stronger and tighter too.

In a way it’s kind of like my garden. While I’ve been busy cutting out the rubbish, deadheading the roses, tidying up the borders, and reseeding the lawns to improve the look of it I’m doing the same with my novel.  Squirrel1a 10616

Like my garden, it’s something that can’t be rushed if I want it to look its best come July. Looking at the fine details can only make things look a hundred percent better and with my novel make it a much more enjoyable read. 🙂

Happy Writing,

Paula R. C.


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