The way through the woods.jpgAfter being busy few months with my house and garden, I managed to get back to my keyboard and head down to finish editing my novel, ‘Stone Angels’. This is now with the publisher who requested the full MS after reading my submission.

I’ve decided to step back from starting work on my fourth novel, another crime story, and focus on finishing my pocket novel for ‘My Weekly’. Back in February, I received some great feedback about my writing style and main characters from the editor, but she wanted me to ‘kill off’ some of other my other characters.

In her words… ‘Pocket novels don’t usually have so many attractive men.’ She asked me to give her a ring so we could chat about the plot, which I did.

I had sent in my submission for the pocket novel while waiting to hear back from a publisher, about my crime novel, but when I was asked to make such huge changes to the construction of the plot line by removing some of the secondary characters like a house of cards it fell apart. Realising I had a huge job ahead me, I had to rewrite the synopsis. By the time I started working on the reconstruction of pocket novel I heard back from the publisher about my main novel, so I set it to one side again.

So here I am once again rebuilding my pocket novel. At last I think I know where I can go with the storyline. Hopefully the editor, from My Weekly, will be pleased with the changes too.

Have a break from crime with help clear my mind of my last serial killer as I turn to writing romance before tacking my next full crime novel.

Thicking plot
Ace Writer

In December I’m going to London to the launch of two new anthologies. I’m pleased to say that I have a story in both of them and will share more news about it soon.

Have a great week and I hope to catch up with you all soon.


Paula R C







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