Cricket on side of leaf 10717
Dark Bush Cricket
Whenever my friend Ana, and I get the chance we walk the footpaths around our village. We like to take our cameras with us and get up close and personal with the wild life. You’ll be amazed by what we see.


Sometimes we get lucky and are able to get a photograph of something amazing, but most times we just enjoy the moment.

Unable to switch our cameras on in time we stand in awe as herons, or buzzards sailing overhead, deers or foxes move silently across the horizon.

We never come home with an empty camera as we always find something to snap. We loved to watch the changing season. Winter always seems too long for us. When Spring finally arrives everything seems to become fast moving. I can’t believe we are halfway through another year.

I’m busy working on an anthology which I hoped would be finished by now. Time waits for no man, or writers.

Hope all is well with you, and you are enjoying the heat. I know I shouldn’t complain as summer is far too short.

Chat again soon,

Paula R C

Ragworth and Gatekeeper 10717
Gatekeeper on Ragwort.


  1. Hi, Paula! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love the picture of the cricket! It is amazing what wonderful and magical things we can see out in nature. And so fun to capture those images in photography. 🙂

    I’m still writing fiction but I’m gearing up to do so under a pseudonym (I will get in touch with you and let you know what it is — I’ll send you a friend request on FB with my new name, and I’m currently at work building a digital platform for my pseudonym). I am doing quite a bit of freelance writing. And I’m still doing music — of all kinds. Some very happy changes in life and I’ll let you know when we connect. I hope you and yours are also well, my dear friend!


    1. Oh Thommalyn so lovely to be back in contact. Been missing you. Look forward to catch up with you soon. ❤️🕊🌸😊


    1. I have it and l’ve joined you. I’ve sent you a like to my FB writing group too. No pressure if you don’t want to join. Love the new name. ❤️🕊


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