Don’t you just hate it when that happens. You’re just getting into a lovely flow, the story is taking shape, the word count is building, then BOOM 💥 You grind to a halt.

Hmm, I think I need a bit more information to play around with, bring in a new angle, develop the thread a bit more. So you do some research on your background subject. Suddenly a simple storyline takes on a new depth, and you find yourself swimming in deep, fast flowing water as self doubt kicks in.

Now I’m not so sure whether my story is right, too big for what I want it to say, or whether it has anything to say 😢

Oh hmm…. I better just keep playing with it, and hopefully the muses will be kind to me.

Have a great day writing and remember to keep the creative love flowing on this special day 🖋❤️✒️

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