Goodness me time flies. I’m not sure I’m having fun, but still I’m alive and kicking. So far I’ve received quite a few rejections on my novel, but I’m not giving up hope yet. Plenty of other writers had a tough time getting their first novel published. ‘Stone Angels’ has been through many edits and rewrites so I’m still feeling positive about the novel itself. Just need to find the right home for it.

At the moment, I’m working on a romance. Its slowly taking shape. I’ve had a bit of time off to work in my garden. My husband and I have cleared some rubbish and tidied up our untidy corner. Do you have one? You know it where you keep the wheelbarrow, wood and old bits and pieces that need to go to the dump.

I cleared out the compost heap and moved a couple of composter to restart the process again. In a way it’s kind of like starting a new book. You have to lay down the foundation and keep adding new material until you get the right consistency to be able to use it.

I’ve planted onions, runner beans, French beans, squashes, potatoes, sweet corn and tomatoes this year, but everything seems very slow to show any signs of growing. The mornings and nights have been very chilly. I guess the ground hasn’t warmed up enough to encourage growth.

Once again like my vegetable garden my romance novel is show lack of growth too. Reconstructing it after having to make huge changes to suit one editor, I found I lost interest in it after my main plot fell apart. Now I’m having to make changes and increase the word count too. Once its roots take hold I’m sure it will grow quite quickly. Like my garden it just needs the right conditions.

Have a great day,

Paula R. C.

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