St John Waterloo

Wow! For days my stomach has been doing somersaults at the thought of standing up and reading the opening paragraph of my winning short story to audience in a church in London.

During the week I had been sent an email explaining what would happen next after the winners of the competition had read their opening paragraph. We would have to sit in a chair with our name on it and wait for people to come and speak to us about our writing.

As it was I went and spoke to other Writers about my online writing group, For Writers only, who want to write without fear of rejection. I set it up at my friend’s suggestion because I kept sharing links to writing competitions on my Facebook page. The group allows me to share with others writers rather than family and non-writing friends. So far my group has grown to 238 writer who range from poets through to screenwriters who are interested in send their work out to a bigger audience.

I’m still very nervous when talking to others, but I’m a lot less shy than I used to be. I have to keep reminding myself to pushes myself outside my comfort zone otherwise I would hide up in my room. Having my husband, and two friends join me on the book launches helps me to relax and enjoy these wonderful moments.

At the Waterloo Art Festival we met up with Gill James the publisher, and the other writers Bridge House Publishing authors Gail Aldwin, and Dawn Knox.

Joan, Ana and myself. We had to wear a hat, so I went Gothic.

I feel proud of myself as I move into new waters with my writing career as my confidence continues to grow. I hope I will be able to report so good news about my novel, but so far I’ve had rejections.

It’s a tough market for new writers to crack unless you want to self-publish or pay up to £6k or more to get your book published. I still like the idea of working with a small publisher and growing along side of them.

Anyway, I’m busy writing some more short stories while working on a romance.

Happy writing all,

Paula R.C.

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