Yep, one can dream.

It’s so easy. You just sit all day writing while dreaming of fame and fortune. You just write a novel and it becomes a bestseller.

Yeah right! Dream on…

In reality, like all things. Dreams take a little longer. Whether you want to be the world’s best Olympian, singer, songwriter, coach, novelist, poet, fashion designer, doctor etc it all takes time and most importantly training.

I’m in the process of editing my novel again. Oh yes that’s right I thought that too. How many edits has my novel been through?

I guess I’ve lost count. As they say it’s not over until the lovely fat lady sings.

Yes, my novel has been rejected, but I’ve have some positive feedback too. Most have stated they found the novel intriguing, but in need of editing.

Taking this onboard and with the help of an editor I’m working my way through the novel again.

To some Writers this may seem disheartening but to me it’s another learning curve in my ability to become the very best writer I can be. Another string to my bow.

There’s a quote that says ‘writing the novel is the easy part’. This is true. It’s the editing that’s the hardest part.

How many time should your novel be edited?

How long is a piece of string?

As long as you need it… is my answer.

Don’t give up, make your story shine.

Right, now back to my edit notes and keyboard.

Oh happy days…

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