I have always believed that the word ‘Fiction’ tells you what you are reading. ‘Fiction’ means the truth has been bent slightly so it makes for an interesting story, a form of escapism from day to day living.

Yes, a work of fiction can be set at any moment in time, and have a huge array of characters, from modern to historical, some familiar and well-known to some unknown. These all live in a fictitious world, even though some worlds are very familiar to us, whether historically or scientifically, but still to keep the storyline or plot interesting the truth has to be bent. This means things which wouldn’t or could not happen in real life happen.

A dear old lady would never help the police by solving the crime for them, etc the list is endless.

Yes, we must diversify the array of characters we use to tell our stories, but we must never lecture to our readers.

It isn’t our job to put the world to right, though our story can have morals. These are seen through a mirror we hold up to society, by the reader reading between our lines, not by our characters says ‘Hey, can you see what the author is trying to tell you here!’

It’s the writer’s job to excite, thrill, scare and most importantly entertain, to make them think and question. Would I have behaved in such a manner if I was put in such a situation?

If I had such powers, would I have made such a decision in how I used them?

A work of ‘Fiction’ is about the reader’s emotional view of the world, which the writer, screenwriter or poet is tapping into, not the society as a whole. This is why we are still able to read Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Anthony Trollope, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Ann Radcliffe, Daniel Defoe’s in today’s world and enjoy them just as much.

Yes, we can see a reflection of our modern world in their books, but I think you will find it’s more that humanity still share the same emotions even though fashions, transports, and styles have changed greatly over the past hundred years or more.

Well, that’s my thought for today back to my editing.

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