When the words flow follow them. The trouble with starting something new is you need a hook to drag you in.

Writing a new novel is like beginning a new book for a reader. Until you’re hooked the book isn’t going to be finished.

While I’m waiting for my editor to send me the second half of my novel back for its final edits, I was looking around for a short story to revamp and send out.

Like all writers, I have a notebook full of ideas, half finished projects and stories that just don’t click.

In 2008 I played a round with an idea I had. I mapped out the plot and did quite a bit of groundwork. I thought the idea was good enough for a series of short stories that could be interlinked.

Yesterday as I read through it with the idea of using one story as a stand-alone the characters started speaking to me again. The idea behind the plot is quite relevant in today’s world.

I’ve decided to keep the plot together and work on it as my next book. I have three novels that I would love to see published in my lifetime, so I don’t see myself suffering from writer’s block any time soon.

Now I just need to find a short story that I can used without getting sidetracked 😂🤣I’m sure there’s one on my computer. ✒️

Have a great weekend.

Happy writing ✍️

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