Yesterday was a day of reflection. Now we must move on and look to the future.

I’ve been having a tough time settling in to writing something new. My mind has been jumping around a lot as I tried to find something to focus on. thankfully a long chat with my dear friend, Nicky has given me something to focus on until I hear back from a publisher who has my crime novel.

Tomorrow I shall be traveling to London with my husband and friends to meet my cousin, Valerie. We are all going to the launch of the Waterloo Festival Writing Competition anthology.

I was lucky enough to have my short story ‘Over the Wall’ accepted for the collection. Last year, I also had a short story selected too for the Waterloo Festival Writing Competition.

The anthology ‘Transforming Beings’ is now available online here

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  1. I’ve just purchased this anthology last night and am so happy to find a number of my friends included. Can’t wait until later today when I begin reading it! Have a GREAT time at the Waterloo Festival. You deserve it!!


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