I don’t know why but I’ve discovered a liking for killing people. Please don’t be concerned. I’m a vegetarian and I hate blood and gore.

If my husband watches a horror movie, I have to leave the room. As a child, I was the one hiding behind the sofa when ‘Doctor Who’ came on the TV.

So what has brought around this sudden change in me that I have turned murderous?

The number of bodies are stacking up.

Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire

I’ve discovered that I’m quite good at writing ‘horror’. It wasn’t on my writing agenda. I mean to say I knew I wouldn’t be any good at writing ‘Romance’. My heart has been broken once too often to be lovey- dovey, so I’m most happier writing about crime.

Then I learnt about writing ‘Drabbles’ a hundred words story and to my surprise I’m enjoying writing them. The only downside is they are bringing out my inner-demon. Even my husband is raising one eyebrow as he reads through them for me.

I’m a little surprised that the muses are so giving as my hundred words stories are very dark, but it is great as now my number of accepted submission have increased this year.

I’m now working on some longer pieces before going back to re-editing my novel and pocket novel.

I do have some more hundred words stories ready to submit, but I would like to see some of my longer pieces accepted too.

Yesterday, I received news that Blood Song Books had accepted my Drabble submission ‘Homegrown’ for their Halloween anthology, ‘Forest of Fear’. I’m so pleased. 😃

Have a wonderful day, and remember the demons do like to play occasionally 😈

Happy writing,

Apocalypse: Black Hare Press Anthology: Dark Drabbles # 6


  1. Congratulations on your publication. I’ve never heard of Drabbles. I’ve written a couple of fifty-word stories. Very challenging but satisfying. And you’re not alone. I don’t tolerate violence in movies and TV and my favorite horror movies are the old black-and-white variety. Still, a lot of people get killed in my novels. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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