When your characters start speaking to you and you just can’t shut them up.

This morning when I started writing, I was determined to finish one of my projects only to find myself working on a ghost story with a deadline in three days.

No problem, said I.

Suddenly the story I thought I was writing has taking me off in a different direction. I looked through my collection of submissions to see if the plot line would fit another submission I have. But no it won’t.

I have decided, I can’t afford to waste this story on projects which aren’t going to give me any rewards apart from another publication in an anthology with no payment.

I feel I can take this story to fifty-five thousands words quite easily. So ‘Deadline’ has become my next novel.

‘A man sets out to write a ghost story only to find he’s haunted by his own past. To survive, he must be honest with himself. ‘

It’s cold in hell if one is alone with one’s bitter past

Happy writing everyone

Paula R.C.


  1. How cool that you’ve discovered another novel lurking inside of you, Paula! The premise for ‘Deadline’ sounds cool! Looking forward to hearing more about it! I’m glad you’re having a productive day 🙂


    1. Thank you. I can’t go walking at the moment so I shall be busy writing the first draft. 55k is my total word count. I’m sure this time I will find a publisher.


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