When I first came across the submission guidelines for Jibbernocky I wasn’t sure I could write a children’s story for it. I did some research on Lewis Carroll and watched an interesting video about him. It inspired me to really think about his book I read a small child, Alice through the Looking Glass. I needed to see the world from a child’s point of view.

As the charity, Books in Homes gave books to underprivileged children, I decided my main character needed to be a boy who was use to using computers rather than books for entertainment. By the end of the story, he discovers the joy of reading books.

I took Lewis Carroll‘s famous scene of the Mad Hatter’s tea party and added a twist.

Today, I learnt there was over 200 entries to Jibbernocky, Black Hare Press first charity anthology call out. My story, Jelly and Ice Cream was one of thirty stories.

All profits will go to Books in Homes AU and USA.

Cover image by Isabella Koelman (click to enlarge)

I shall give you details about the anthology publication date, and where you can purchase it when I know more.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R. C.

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