A few days ago, I came across a writing competition, with only a day left to enter as it counted down to its deadline. For a bit of fun as it was a drabble I thought I would enter.

After sending off the submission and paying £4, I spotted two mistakes in a 100 word story. Of course, I could have kicked myself, but hey hoo. It serves me right for rushing.

Just now, I received an email telling me unfortunately my submission didn’t make the long list, but if I would like to pay £10, I could receive a feedback on the story to help me develop it.

Err no, I think I will give that wonderful opportunity a pass, thank you.

I have no insecurities over my writing. The whole idea behind me entering the competition was to step outside my comfort zone, and try something different.

Yes, winning would have been great. Throwing another ten pounds at it wouldn’t turn the story into a winning story.

Sometimes we need to take the rough with the smooth and accept that we can’t always win. There are many reasons why our work doesn’t make the grade. I know two.

Anyway, my story will sit happily on my computer until I need something to play around for another competition in the future. Remember it’s not about the winning, but the taking part. Yes, my 100 words story cost me £4, but the idea may develop into something greater without me paying any extra.

I’m off to carry on work on my dark demon story.

Betrayal leads you down a dark path.

Have a great writing day,

Chat again soon.


  1. Hey, Paula. Knowing your writing like I do, I’d have voted for your story in a heartbeat! Yeah, those competitions…I’ve done more that a few this year. Note the deadening silence when it comes to my success…You’re right. We live and learn and salt our treasured work away for another time. Because, you know what? There will always be one!! Keep on keeping on, I say. And, more importantly, keep writing!! Hope you have a great day 🙂

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    1. I like to flutter my writing wings on occasions, Jim. I have won competitions in the past. It’s a tough game, but someone has to win. When I spotted the mistake I knew I had lost before I had started. ‘Treetops’ is one word not two, as I wrote it. And I missed the ‘s’ off Crossroads. So easily do, yet you check it a hundred and one times and still miss it. 😢


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