Writing has its highs and lows especially when you submit your work as much as I have been doing just later.

For quite awhile now, all I wrote was golden. It seems that everything I submitted was just what the publishers were looking for.

This morning I received my first rejection in a long time. Initially, it side-swiped me, but I had taken a gamble with it, so even though it didn’t pay off, I had a place for my story to go.

In 2017 I wrote the story for a single collection I had put together. This year I decided that the collection was too long, so I set about reducing its word count as it was still no where near the top of the publisher’s list for publication.

Just because a story isn’t accepted in one place it doesn’t mean it won’t find a home elsewhere. In my case, the story had a home wait for it. Now the word count has been reduced, my single collection is much tighter.

Nothing goes to waste when you’re a writer.

Happy writing everyone ✍️

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