Writing for me is a 24/7 job. There is no days off. I’m thinking about it all the time, even when I’m not at my keyboard.

This morning I was late getting up. Instead of quarter to four in the morning, it was quarter past. As soon as my husband was off to work I was back at my keyboard.

Writing isn’t just about the process of putting words on paper/ screen but about knowing what words you’re going to put down in the first place. One needs time to develop an idea, before you have the right starting point for the tale.

To do this you have to think about what you’re going to be writing about. You need to think about your characters, plot line, settings etc. After that you spent a huge amount of time developing your idea, which entails a lot of rewriting, and more thinking.

Yesterday I finished a short story I’d been working on. Though all the components of the story came quite quickly to me, it was putting them in the right order which was the toughest part. Looking at it this morning, I’ve decided I’m not happy with the end. So more thinking is needed to give it a much stronger bite at the end.

Yesterday evening I’ve gave the story to my friend, Joan to read, so I will see what she thinks of it, before I start editing it and reworking the ending.

Time to start work today.

My plan is to spend time developing an idea I have to link the first story to the second, though they are both standing alone tales.

The first tale has an element of time slip to it. The second story journeys further back in time, but is linked to the first by its setting. A busy few weeks ahead of me, I think, before I can write the final tale.

Have a wonderful new week of writing.

Paula R.C.


  1. Thank you for your post, Paula. Like you, I spend a lot of time thinking through a story before I begin to write. I do a lot of walking around outside! Yesterday I cranked out a 3K story which is my first draft. Today begins the editing and refining process, a process I find quite enjoyable. Who knows how long that will take, but for me that’s the fun part, seeing where a story eventually ends up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Paula. They are always enlightening to read.

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